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ROBOTA is the first Egyptian company manufacturing professional 3D printers, CNC laser cuttersCNC Routers up to 5-Axis, research and dental equipment. We have different models with high quality and competitive prices.

ROBOTA was founded in November 2012, in Alexandria, Egypt, by Dr. Ahmed Hafez & Eng. Mohammed Abdel-Monem who have professional experience in the fields of Electronics, Embedded Systems, Medical Engineering, Mechanics, Robotics, CNC, and Industrial Systems. We proudly served customers in several fields for example, security systems, irrigation control systems, customized machines.


ROBOTA is a leading Egyptian Industry specialized in machine manufacturing focusing on desktop machines like 3D Printers, CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, Laser Engravers. We are also focused on manufacturing customized machines that replace manual work according to the client’s needs.


ROBOTA “where thoughts come alive” is our slogan. We enjoy bringing ideas to life. Increasing productivity and quality of products are essential.

Projects done by ROBOTA ;

  • Smart Irrigation Controller for Agrifodder Company.

  • Smart Backup System for German Technology for Solar Systems company, GTSS.  

  • Smart Security System for the Egyptian Navy in conjunction with Tawassol company.

  • Smart FOG Controller for GTSS.

  • Smart Light Switch with remote control as a ROBOTA Product.

  • Universal Filling System for GASKIL company.

  • Chocolate 3D Printer for Khaled company (a patisserie factory).

  • 4-Axes CNC Machine for Photometry Measurements for the National Institute for Standards, NIS.

  • Auto Matrix Machine for Neonatal Incubator Light Measurements for Jaundice Treatment for NIS.   

  • Chewing Simulator for Dental Lab Researchers.

  • Thermo-Cycle for Dental Lab Researchers.

  • Chewing Simulator with Thermo-Cycle 4 chambers with industrial servo motors.

  • CNC Routing Machine (250×130 CM) for Wood Milling, for Hand Made Factory in Borg El-Arab.

  • Educational Kits of Basic Electronics Lab for NAVAL ELECTRICAL School.

  • Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, PCB and Robotics lab at Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Alexandria and Cairo branches.


  • CNC machine design & manufacture,

  • Research lab equipment design & manufacture,

  • PCB design, prototyping and fabrication,

  • Industrial control systems,

  • Smart control solutions,

  • Laser cutting service, and

  • 3D printing service.

Previous Events

ROBOTA attended Cairo ICT 2014 in collaboration with TWASOL Company as a marketer for the 3D Printer and the Smart Touch Light Switch. An article has been published about this participation in Loghat El-Asr magazine (مجله لغه العصر), Please follow the link for more details; http://aitmag.ahram.org.eg/News/2512.aspx.

We also participated in MachTech 2015, DigiSign 2016, MacTech 2016 and MacTech 2017.

We will be participating in MacTech Nov. 2018.

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