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 Chewing Simulator 


A chewing simulator is a machine that Simulates the chewing process for dental samples. It is used for testing of;

  • Abrasion & Fatigue

  • Bite Splints

  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Temporarily Prosthetics

  • Abutments

  • Retention Forces

It is an essential asset in sophisticated laboratories and research institutes.

Main Features include;​
  • Pause / continue

  • 2 independent axes

  • Vertical load generation by 5KG units

  • 7-inch touch colorful graphical LCD

  • Adjustable agonist/opposing

  • 7 Modes of operation;

  1. Wear Test

  2. Force Test i.e Cyclic loading

  3. Chewing Test

  4. Changeable agonist/opposing

  • High Load Option (450 N) per chamber

  • Customized specimen holders/antagonists with Easy attachment

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