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Chewing Simulator with Thermocycler

A chewing simulator is a machine that Simulates the chewing process for dental samples. It is used for testing of;

  • Abrasion & Fatigue

  • Bite Splints

  • Crowns & Bridges

  • Temporarily Prosthetics

  • Abutments

  • Retention Forces

It is an essential asset in sophisticated laboratories and research institutes.

Main Features include;​
  • Pause / continue

  • 2 independent axes

  • Vertical load generation by 5KG units

  • 7-inch touch colorful graphical LCD

  • Adjustable agonist/opposing

  • 7 Modes of operation;

  1. Thermocycling

  2. Wear Test

  3. Wear Test with Thermocycling

  4. Force Test i.e Cyclic loading

  5. Force Test i.e Cyclic loading with Thermocycling

  6. Chewing Test

  7. Chewing Test with Thermocycling

  • Changeable agonist/opposing

  • High Load Option (450 N) per chamber

  • Customized specimen holders/antagonists with Easy attachment

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