CNC Industrial Machines

Main Application:

*Cutting & Engraving materials:

Acrylic, wood, bamboo, PVC, acryl, wax, ACM, teflon, artelon and metals like; Brass, Copper, Silver, Lead, Steel, Stainless Steel, iron and Aluminum.

*Comprehensive application:

  1. PCB Isolation Routing,

  2. Jewelry Making,

  3. Arts & Crafts,

  4. Toys,

  5. Spare Parts,

  6. Furniture Making,

  7. Sign Making,

  8. Promotional Giveaways,

  9. 3D carving, 

  10. Architectural Millwork, and

  11. Prototyping & Modelling.

Machine Accessories:
  1. License for CNC USB Controller software.

  2. Professional training for the software, Operation, and Calibration to a maximum of 3 personnel.

  3. ONE YEAR warranty against Manufacturing issues.
    (all spare parts are free of charge for the first year but you will be charged a visit fee).

  4. A 10% discount on DeskProto license.

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