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 PCB Routing/Drilling Machines 

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are usually manufactured by chemical etching. This is not a practical method because these etchants are messy and somewhat dangerous.

PCBs can also be manufactured by "mechanical etching," in which a trace is "etched" by milling away the copper along its perimeter using a software to generate a toolpath from the layout and a CNC router.

ROBOTA PCB Router will ensure ease of use, productivity, accuracy and saves time.

Small businesses and prototyping departments will need to add this machine to their essential assets to get these benefits;

1. shorten the delivery time of a project,

2. produce higher number of the best quality pieces,

3. Quickly find and fix design errors and

4. Accelerate your product development.

5. Repeatability is a guarantee.


If you're just getting started, we recommend that you check out SparkFun's PCB Basics.


Available Machines


X 35 cm ౼ Y 25 cm ౼ Z 3 cm


X 15 cm ౼ Y 15 cm ౼ Z 3 cm

Best Features:

  • Auto tool Sensor (automatically senses tool height)

  • Machine structure is made from Laser Cut Steel, Aluminum Extrusion and  CNC machined parts.

  • Professional PCB Single and Double sided machining 

  • High Precision Traces up to T8 track width

  • Technical support

  • One Year warranty against manufacturing issues

European Controller

with Original License software


* Homing.
* Work offset.
* Hard limit / soft limit.
* Pause/Continue.

* Auto import gerber file.
* speed / feed calculator
* Warping for leveling PCB
* Friendly and Easy Software.
* Import; g-code - dxf - 
* 2d image - 3d image.
* Rigid, heavy duty & high       


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