Main Application:

Manufacture bone replacements that exactly fits the patients original bone, as much as possible. We have manufactured four bones until now. They were all implanted in patients. They are now living a more comfortable life and are feeling so much normal. 

All the work was volunteered by Dr. Mahmoud Fata and Dr. Ahmed Hafez.

Dr. Mahmoud was responsible for the

  • bone design,

  • surgery and

  • patient follow-up.

While Dr. Ahmed was responsible for the Artificial bone manufacturing Starting from;

  • machine manufacturing,

  • machine calibration,

  • machine testing,

  • machining process and strategy that involves several trials on placebo materials, 

  • and manufacturing the bone itself on the bio-material.

Dr. Mahmoud was challenged when he came across the first patient who couldn't afford to buy a replacement nor the hospital and surgery fees. her condition when she visited dr. mahmoud was extremely bad

biomechanics compatibility

patient-specific 3D printed prosthetics can offer a much better prognosis

Machine Specifications:

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