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 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine 

CO2 laser cutting machine uses CO2 laser to cut Non-Metal materials, such as; Wood, MDF, ABS, Acrylic, Glass, Fabric, Plastic, Bamboo, Ivory, Bone, Leather, Paper, Artelon, Thin Pixolene sheets, Double color boards, Foam and other similar materials, which is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop, and home shop.

It is widely used in making toys, decor panels, tableaus, clocks, organizers, gift boxes, educational kits for schools and even more advanced mechanisms for college students, etc.

Pluto 3D Puzzle_laser cutting_made in Egypt
CO2 Laser cutting & Engraving machine_made in Egypt_ماكينة الحفر و القطع بالليزر _ تصنيع مصري

ROBOTA CO2 Laser cutting machine is featured with;

  • Rigid laser cut steel structure.

  • Heavy duty.

  • Door to trap smoke and foul odors.

  • Continue after electricity shut down.

  • Friendly color LCD screen.

  • Easy review and file selection.

  • Change speed & laser power during operation.

  • Emergency stop switch.

  • Separate Button to start / stop laser source.

  • Save up to 5 different origin points.

  • Digital ampere meter & control for laser power.

  • USB & Ethernet Control.

Available Machines

ROBOTA Laser 7050

ROBOTA Laser 1070

ROBOTA Laser 1410

ROBOTA Laser 2515

Control Features

  • Color graphic LCD screen.

  • Operate by;

      USB, flash memory or                            Ethernet network control

  • Digital ampere meter & control for laser power.

  • Continue after electricity shut down.

  • Change the speed and laser power during operation.

  • Count how many times a file was cut.

  • Save more than 250 files on the internal memory for easy selection and cutting without using a computer.

  • Ability to change file parameters directly from the screen to suit different materials.

  • Pause / Continue.

  • Bounding box simulation before operation.

  • Change and save up to 5 different origin points.

Software Features

  • Estimate work time before operation.

  • Duplicate any object in an array to easily replicate and arrange many copies of an object.

  • Simulate the file cutting, burning and engraving before operation.

  • Rotate, scale and mirror objects.

  • Control which layers are active and deactivate others for more options.

  • Save files with settings for later.

  • Write text for cutting or engraving without using a special software.

  • Engrave photos.

  • Remove duplicate lines from a file.

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