Research Lab & Scientific Instruments 

ROBOTA_chewing_simulator_for dental research

A research lab equipment or scientific instrument is, broadly speaking, a device or tool used for research & scientific purposes, including the study of both natural phenomena and theoretical research.

Sometimes during research, a researcher needs to do some processes by hand, which can cause errors in readings or cost damaging a valuable piece. This is when it is most important to replace manual work with automated control units that achieve more accurate results and preserve valuable components.


Scientific equipment are not limited to microscopes, incubators, spatulas & forceps, there are much more sophisticated instruments on the rise to support new visions.

ROBOTA has created many customized machines, instruments and control systems that helped several institutes, universities and private research labs achieve their results fast and accurate.


 Scientific Instruments 


ROBOTA Chewing Simulator


ROBOTA Thermocycler


ROBOTA Chewing Simulator & Thermocycler


ROBOTA Toothbrush Simulator


ROBOTA Computer position controller for calibration two lenses


ROBOTA Automatic mechanical iris for controlling light aperture


ROBOTA Automatic matrix calibration of incubator light source for jaundice treatment


ROBOTA Special light source holders and lens alignment


ROBOTA Special light source holders and lens alignment


ROBOTA Polymer/Paste Bio 3D Printer

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