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A thermocycler is a machine that Simulates thermal temperature changes for dental samples.

It is an essential asset in sophisticated laboratories and research institutes.

Main Features include;
  • Swivel lever to move basket from hot into cold tank

  • Adjustable water temperature

  • Cold water tempered with immersion cooler

  • Easy loading/disloading of specimen basket

  • Automatic water refill system for evaporation compensation

  • All housing parts and tanks made of stainless steel

  • Easy draining of tanks

  • Overtemperature and dry - run protection

User Interface Features include;
  • Colorful graphical touch 7" HMI screen

  • Straightforward setting of testing parameters

  • Selectable specimen basket position at test-end

  • Display of elapsed and remaining cycles

  • Interrupt function for inspection of specimen

  • Continue after power loss

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